Riaz Rhemu - Veterinary Surgeon in Manchester

Riaz Rhemu talks about his job hunting journey with Prospect Health

Veterinary Surgeon in Manchester Riaz Rhemu was helped by Prospect Health when looking for a new job after qualification.

Once Riaz was ready to find a new position he was in Contact with Chris at Prospect Health. In this testimonial you will find Riaz describing his process with Prospect Health. He describes his relationship with Chris and how he helped and fulfil his requirements by providing a variety of tailored options. 

He also describes how Chris’s personable approach made sure he was happy and comfortable with the opportunities provided. Furthermore, when it came to the interview stage Chris informed Riaz on what to expect but Chris also had a great relationship with the practice which allowed Riaz to have a swift and successful introduction with the employees. 

In addition, Riaz landed the job and is now a Veterinary Surgeon in Manchester. Riaz highly recommends using Prospect Health and will be using us again if needed!

Riaz Rhemu’s Veterinary Talking Testimonial 

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