December 11, 2020 | Internal

Employers advice for your employees Trial Day

Some employers feel that in order to see a candidate’s full range of abilities, they should be assessed in their natural working habitat. In other cases, the candidate may request it, but either way a trial day can be a great way for both parties to really get a feel for their potential work situation.

If you’re going to set up a trial day, then there are a few points you ought to consider.

  • How long should the day last? Do you want the candidate to do an entire working day, or would 2-3 hours be sufficient? If it will be a full day, you’ll need to ensure the candidate is paid appropriately.
  • Is the candidate actually permitted to do a trial day under their current contract? Will they need additional insurance whilst on your premises? This will need to be established with the candidate in advance of the trial day, as you really cannot expect them to breach their terms.

When the particulars have been decided, it’s worth considering what you’re looking for your candidate to demonstrate on the day, so you can provide them with ample opportunity to do this. It’s also really important to remember that the trial day is essentially an extension of the interview(s). Each party should be thoroughly assessing the other, so you should make sure you are well prepared – not only to give a great impression, but to answer and questions your candidate may have.

Shadow days

If there are legal impracticalities preventing a trial day, you could consider a shadow day as an alternative. This will allow the candidate to gain an insight into your practice and will give you the opportunity to ask any further questions. However, you should remember that this option will not allow you to assess the candidate’s practical skills.

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December 11, 2020 | Internal