We’re delighted to be working in conjunction with Brian Taylor, Author of Relationship centred consultation skills for Audiologists who will be working with us to create a completely free of charge relationship centred communication course for Audiologists to help you to develop your consultation skills and go on to thrive in the private sector of hearing care long term!

The course consists of a series of 6 modules offering you insights from a highly regarded tenured industry expert delivered via an engaging and easy to digest series of videos!

The video series will equip you with the skills needed to interact with patients with maximum effect for your employers, from learning how to actively listen and ask the right questions of your patients to understanding the best way to greet you patient on entry and handle any objections they may make to any hearing products you recommend for them to buy. 

This purposefully designed course for aspiring, private Audiologists is hosted on our bespoke learning management system which means you can access and complete the modules in your own time.

There will be a small quiz at the end and you will be issued with a certificate on completion of the course which you can add to your CV!

 Feedback from Claire Wilkes, teaching fellow programme director of BSc Healthcare Science (Audiology)

The content has very strong links to what we teach the students at Aston University I think we just use different terminology and analogies. What I really like is it is emphasising the importance of person centred care and shared decision making throughout the modules.

I think providing the courses free of charge and trying to support graduates is commendable so thank you.

Module Breakdown

  1. Understanding the emotional consequences of hearing loss
  2. Building trust and rapport – the patient greeting
  3. Building a desire to act
  4. Getting and keeping a commitment to act
  5. Addressing and overcoming objections
  6. Active Listening skills

If after reviewing the videos you feel inspired to start your journey into the private sector don’t delay getting in touch!

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