RCGP RCA Elearning Preparation Webinars

Prospect Health have collaborated with Dr Abraham Thomas of Collaborative Medical Education to create a series of RCGP RCA elearning preparation webinars to help GP trainees with their clinical and consultation skills in preparation for the GP RCA exam. 

Each webinar is approximately 2 hours long and includes 3 cases which have been written and practiced with a doctor and an actor and feedback is given as a group.  The attendees have given some great feedback on the webinars so far, they have found them informative and incredibly useful to help prepare them for the RCA and informs them of the best way to structure consultations to save time and make the best use of the resources to hand.

We upload all the latest webinars which you can access by filling in the form below, however to register to attend each webinar in person and get the webinars delivered straight to your inbox please register to get involved!

Our current webinars:

– Urgent Care
– Mental Health
– RCA Prep tips and strategies
– Reproductive & Sexual Health
– Elderly Care 
– Long Term Conditions (Most recent webinar)

Current RCGP RCA Webinars

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