Rabiya’s Audiology Journey working with Prospect Health

A job in the NHS is often considered a favoured option for many newly qualified audiologists but these opportunities are limited and without the commercial opportunities of high street and private practice, earning potential can be stumped too. Rabiya’s audiology journey started with a desire to venture into the private sector.

The ageing population in the UK has led to an unprecedented increase in the provision of private Hear-care services across the UK.  Hear-care providers such as Amplifon, Sonetik and Specsavers are delivering a much larger proportion of the Hear-care provision than previously, with Specsavers now accredited to provide NHS hearing services across half of the UK.

Rabiya, a newly qualified audiologist, graduated from Manchester University in 2017. She had spent a couple of months trying to find an audiology job on qualifying and came across Prospect Health via an internet search.

She contacted us to learn more about the roles we could offer her and she soon found herself on a journey to find her ideal audiology role.

Rabiya’s journey in her own words

This is what she has to say about her experience working with Prospect Health…

“I have just started my training with Amplifon up at the head office in Manchester.

I would just like to say thank you for the help and support you and your team at Prospect Health have provided on the journey of job hunting as a newly qualified Audiologist.

I am a student who has just finished my final year of the 3 year BSc (Healthcare Science -Audiology) course at Manchester University, the journey has been an amazing!

I had been hunting for an Audiology job the last couple of months with no luck.  I came across Prospect Health UK while browsing on the internet and applied for a vacancy.

The people at Prospect Health, especially the Director, have been a great help and made the process of job hunting so much easier than I first anticipated. They accommodated me fully, understanding my personal needs and finding vacancies based on what I was looking for.

They set up interviews and regularly contacted me to update on progress with my applications, whilst also letting me know of any new vacancies or any changes. They provided a number of different tools and support to help me through the whole process, right from the telephone interviews to the actual face-to-face  interview and helped me understand what the employer actually wanted to see.

I do not think I would have been able to secure a position with such a great company without the help and support provided by Prospect Health.

Once again I would like to say a big thank you to the hardworking team at Prospect Health.“

As Rabiya mentions, here at Prospect Health we work with newly qualified audiologists all the way through the recruitment process. From identifying what matters most in that all important first role, to helping with CV writing, interview prep and being on hand once you start, Prospect Health does more than find you a job; we help you start your career.

If you would like to talk to our friendly and knowledgeable Audiology team you can call them on 01423 813 459 or email audiology.info@prospect-health.com