June 15, 2021 | Student | Optometry | Pre-reg

Optometry Core Competencies Stage 1

In order to progress to your pre-reg year you must first complete and be comfortable with your Stage 1 competencies. The optometry core competencies are vital in order to progress in your career. Therefore, we have created a cleaner and valuable resource which you can print or use as you see fit.

We have also added a checkbox on the sheet so that you can mark it when you have achieved it. When it comes to revision studies have shown that using colour influences your memory and keeps the mind focused!

Find below our optimised Stage 1 of the optometry core competencies, the information found on the sheet is from the GOC, however it has been modified to read clearer and look more appealing.

Click the icon below to download your Optical core competencies Stage 1

Download for optical core competencies stage 1



Stage 1 optometry core competencies image

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June 15, 2021 | Student | Optometry | Pre-reg