Our consultants work geographically across the UK and you can speak to them from 9am-8.30pm, 5 days a week.

The team will take the time to discuss with you, in depth, what you want from your next career move and what skills and experience you have that we can match to the roles that we are currently recruiting for. 

We work with some of the biggest medical device companies in the industry including Stryker and Boston Scientific to name but a few so if you’re looking to broaden your horizons or even looking to move to Europe are team are well placed to help you make the move.

Or if you are looking to hire someone who fills all the requirements for your new role we can help you with your recruitment needs.

Give us a call on 01423 813456 or email us at medicalsales.info@prospect-health.com to see how we can help you with your job search.