September 13, 2021 | Student | Optometry | Pre-reg

How to prepare for my optometry pre-reg?

How to prepare for your optometry pre-reg with some help from Francesca Marchetti. Francesca is the Councilor for the Association of Optometrists, as well as an experienced Clinical Liaison Lead at Midland Eye in Solihull. Being a 3rd year student going into your pre-reg year can be quite daunting. You may find yourself asking ‘How do I prepare for my optometry pre-reg’. Therefore, Francesca has provided some great advice and tips to help you prepare for your pre-reg placement.

The video below answers questions such as ‘How to be commercially aware during your pre-reg’. Or ‘How to be clinically aware in your practice during your pre-reg’. Francesca has worked with countless students in her career and has years of valuable experience in the optical sector, so make sure to sink in all of the information!

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September 13, 2021 | Student | Optometry | Pre-reg