January 28, 2021 | GP Registrar | General Practice

A covering letter is the first thing an employer will read when you’re making a job application as a newly qualified GP. It needs to contain active language and the best GP covering letter keywords to make sure you give yourself the best chance possible of securing yourself an interview.

Active examples for your GP covering letter keywords include..

10 words to show your personal qualities

Enterprising, Practical, Adaptable, Versatile, Resourceful, Driven, Proactive, Hard-working, Experienced, Dependable

How you work with others

Volunteered, Assisted, Collaborated, Mentored, Supported, Motivated, Facilitated, Encouraged, Participated

You taking charge of others

Administered, Motivated, Delegated, Led, Supervised, Managed, Directed, Presided, Co-ordinated, Represented

How to make something better (don’t forget to quantify)

Improved, Resolved, Increased, Transformed, Generated, Doubled, Saved, Edited, Delivered, Refined

Your information/data handling skills

Analysed, Assessed, Evaluated, Reviewed, Researched, Interpreted, Discovered, Identified, Interviewed, Investigated

How to share information with others

Advised, Demonstrated, Coached, Trained, Guided, Presented, Mentored, Instructed, Organised, Recommended

How to take Initiative

Established, Devised, Initiated, Introduced, Created, Volunteered, Designed, Launched, Developed, Suggested

Your organisation and planning skills

Arranged, Prepared, Co-ordinated, Scheduled, Organised, Revised, Planned, Processed, Maintained, Produced

Your effectiveness in persuading others

Negotiated, Encouraged, Mediated, Promoted, Persuaded, Guided, Presented, Influenced, Liaised, Interviewed

Your achievements and going the extra mile

Volunteered, Achieved, Suggested, Awarded, Recommended, Selected, Mastered, Won, Nominated, Attained

Your covering letter is the first chance your potential future employer will have of assessing your suitability for their role so it is key to put the time in to make sure it is the best it can be.

If you would like to talk to our specialist GP recruitment team, in the strictest of confidences about applying for a new role you can contact them on 01423 813 454. The team will welcome the opportunity to get to know you, understand what you’re looking for from your next role and using their experience they will help you prepare for your interview.

Alternatively you can browse our current GP vacancies here or send the team an email GPs.Info@prospect-health.com


January 28, 2021 | GP Registrar | General Practice