Care Salary and Workplace Survey 2020

Your complete guide to the salaries of care service employees across the UK in 2020. This easy to read Care Salary Survey 2020 will provide you with lots of insightful information:

  • Find out what the average salary is for a UK Registered Manager, how does your salary compare or are you paying your registered manager enough to keep them within your service?  Salary is still one of the top influencers when a registered manager is looking for a new job so you can also ensure you’re pricing your current care vacancy at the right level to attract the best person possible for the role

  • We provide a breakdown of the average salaries by care job type including by the number of beds or hours a service may provide giving you a really clear indication of the level of salary you should be earning or paying your registered manager

  • We look into what Registered Managers value most in the workplace as well as looking at what factors would push a registered manager to look for another role. These include team working, bonuses and hours worked to name but a few…

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