Audiology Recruitment – A Guide to making Job offers

Audiology recruitment and finding the right Audiologist for your practice can be hard work. Prospect Health’s guide to making a job offers and securing your new recruit will help you secure a new Audiologist.

Once you have done the hard work of securing a new Audiology recruit for your practice you want to ensure they start with you. We hope to give you enough information in this guide to help you confidently manage and co-ordinate a candidate through the offer process.

We spend time to explain the key stages of the job offer process including…

  • The Pre-Offer call

  • The Offer call

  • The Offer letter – a free offer letter template so making this part of the process easy and hassle free

  • The Interim period – We offer some handy tips because it is sometimes difficult to know what to do with a new employee between the lull of job offer, acceptance and the start date.

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